About us

The Company

Created in Campbell River in 2023, Disco Tackleworks got its name from Discovery Passage, where it all began. With no readily available options for line-through salmon plug designs, the decision was made to make one. While creating prototypes for plastic designs, we fell in love with wood and cedar in particular. Using salvaged and reclaimed yellow and red cedar, we like to think our plugs have a soul and story before they're even tied onto your line.

Who We Are

Founder and head fishing addict Damien has been fishing from the time he could walk and hold a rod at the same time. From the docks in Steveston to the Alaskan border he has a life long passion for fish, fishing, and the adventures along the way. Disco Tackleworks was created with wife and chief sanity officer Holly (who makes it all happen) to fill a niche for high quality locally made plugs for those looking for something unique and incredibly effective.