Doesn't the line rub on the tube? How is it rigged?
Each plug is shipped with a replaceable plastic liner that doesn't chafe the line.
Where are you located?
We are located in beautiful and fishy Campbell River, nearly all of our materials are locally sourced as well. 
Are your products available in retail stores?
Not at the moment, no. We are happy staying as a high quality, low volume niche manufacturer for the foreseeable future.
Are your plugs effective?
They wouldn't be for sale if they weren't! With a six month long prototyping process and input from guides local and abroad, we are extremely confident in the fish catching ability of our plugs.
Why are the prices different?
Pricing depends largely on material and time required to come out with a specific finish. More basic designs are predictably more efficient to make and are great for those just wanting to fish effectively at a lower price point. Higher end plugs of special interest to collectors and plug aficionados with added effects such as colour shifting paint, detailed scales, fins, etc. are much more labour and time intensive as well as having higher base costs for the specialty paints. We strive to make something for everyone!
How do I order?
We appreciate the continued interest, however we do not build to order at this time and never will. Our quality is our hallmark and is achievable only when the passion and enthusiasm are there. Hard deadlines and/or creative bottlenecks don't lend themselves to building high quality lures sustainably. We are always making something new and there's always something new coming through, check the catalog section for current availability!